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Not all changes are easy. In searching for a new role and taking your career to the next level we believe you should have all the right tools available to make this process as easy as possible and of course, with the right outcome. Interviews can be challenging for anyone and it’s not simply a matter of ‘confidence’. Many factors dictate the success or failure of an interview. The standard advice of being punctual and well presented is all true and relevant however it is not comprehensive. At Kaskal we thoroughly prepare candidates in relation to:

The Client

Even with our instantly recognizable global clients, where general background information is readily available, other more pertinent information is what the client will be really impressed by, rather than statistics that are easily obtainable. What do you know about this client that nobody else does? What makes you stand out from the crowd?

The Team

Information on the division where you would be working is much harder to obtain. Due to our superior relationships, Kaskal can help present you with a detailed insight equipping you not only to impress the client, but more importantly empowering you make a sound judgment about the opportunity at hand. Remember, an interview is a two way process – not just the client interviewing you, but in the right manner you interview the client. Clients are invariably impressed by candidates who not only come across well and are technically strong, but also by those who ask insightful questions that demonstrate your insight and show more about your character. 

The Role

We don’t believe in “schooling” candidates” for typical questions and answers; our clients don’t appreciate it and it inevitably leads to unsatisfactory outcomes for candidate, client and our business. Our approach is genuine in finding the right candidate for the right job and for the right client. Use our technical knowledge and experience to help you in gathering the right information so that you make the right decision.


Your CV

Very simply: know your CV. Nobody knows more about your career and achievements to date than you.  You should be able to qualify and expand upon any part of your CV. When you begin your professional relationship with Kaskal we want to know what motivates you, what do you enjoy, what makes you a high caliber candidate? In return you can expect professional, impartial advice on what opportunities we think will place you on the best possible career path and present you with the most beneficial outcome.

If you are a qualified Finance, Risk or Treasury professional we can help shape your future. In order to find out more about how we can assist you, please contact us at info@kaskal-executive.com